Captivated by every aspect of design from an early age, Barbara focused on nurturing her natural talent and education into a licensed professional design firm in 1985. Specializing in high-end residential projects, Barbara quickly gained recognition from the design community for her unique vision to create sophisticated environments for those who revel in distinctive style.

In 1991, Barbara enhanced the firm by providing licensed general contracting capabilities which allowed her to tackle projects of wide raging types, sizes and pragmatic demands. Barbara brings new meaning to the word details and has superior communication skills needed for the complete project management of each unique design. Many clients are overwhelmed by the process of creating a new, more efficient space as there is much to be considered, but Barbara enthusiastically pursues the challenge of each new project and welcomes the collaborative relationship between herself, her team of specialists and the client.

Barbara has gained a reputation of design excellence throughout the Bay Area and been called upon by previous clients to bring her talents to Southern California, Oregon, Seattle and Washington. Barbara looks at each project as an opportunity to affirm each client’s ideas with her vision and infuses each of her designs with a “living well” climax.

Barbara’s inspirations many times come from her well-traveled influences, blending a variety of elements with collectable mixed media to create spaces that are interesting and energizing to the character of each home.

Passion for Barbara is to facilitate every client in defining their style in an award winning design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By uniting a space with the interplay of beauty, form, light and rhythm, Barbara inspires her discerning clientele to celebrate their lives.